Link Below is the most current and accurate AA data avialable - Kayen 10/11/15 (Thanks to Demonstar for collecting all the current data!)



Alternate Advancement abilities are not currently all implemented for the EQ Emulator at this time.

  • The process of obtaining and implementing AA's is time consuming and requires the analysis and input of raw data obtained from live.
    • ​We do not currently have access a functional data extractor to obtain new AA information at this time. (4-2014)
  • Those interested in working on improving the AA system or adding new AA's should find this data to be a useful starting point.
  • To understand the data presented here you need a basic understanding of the AA system as described Alternate Advancements

The following pages contain as reference raw data for all classes with NO AA spent (Obtained in mid 2012).

What you will see here is only the base (starting) values for every AA obtainable for each class.