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§Clients and Setup

Ok, before we start, some tech junk! There are a few things you need to know:

One quick note....on some of the links here you will be directed to a google document folder, which contains the files. If you don't get a download button in the center of the page, click "file" at the top of the page, then select download. Simple! Also you may want to log into a google account if you cant get them to pull up (most are google docs or on google drive).

§Which Client?

  • NO P99 modified clients. If you plan to play P99 and EZ, just have two separate clients (underfoot or RoF2 should be in its own folder anyway, not downloaded into titanium/P99 folder).
  • NO Titanium or SoF clients (SoD and later only). Titanium is limited to 9999 spells/effects. Newer clients have no such limit, and many custom spells/effects are over spell ID 10000. Newer clients also have substantial performance improvements and will give a far better play experience.
  • Underfoot clients will work (check ezserver.online and you will find a downloadable version), but Rain of Fear v2 is the preferred client. (same spot as the other client).
  • When you get the client, I recommend unpacking/unzipping it in its own folder, not in with any previous clients, or writing over previous clients. In fact, I’d put it in its own folder in the base directory (I use c:\everquestUF, or c:\RoFEZ).
  • NO PATCHERS!! NO WEBLOADERS!! IF YOU HAVE SOME FORM OF LOADER FROM THE EMU SITE OR P99 USE IT FOR OTHER GAMES, NOT EZ! EVER!! DO NOT EVER PATCH THE EZ CLIENT. While there is now a beta patcher (STRESS: NOT NOT NOT THE P99 PATCHER) that claims to work properly with the EZ Server many have had issues with it ranging from odd MQ2 glitches to it not properly repatching files after you change servers. Bottom line: the best method is still to run the client directly using the shortcut method outlined on the EMU wiki. This page is the best place to start!
  • Summary: create a shortcut on the desktop to the eqgame.exe, and in the target line add "patchme" without the quotes at the end of the target line.....so if your target is C:\everquest\eqgame.exe, it would be C:\everquest\eqgame.exe patchme. Then go to the eqhost.txt file, and make sure after login it has this line: Host=login.eqemulator.net:5999.

§Custom Files

  • You will need the custom zone files and custom spell files to play on EZ,  which can both be found on the ezserver.online page, left side, in links. Check the forums OFTEN for newly released spell files! This is the EZ version of "Patch Day"
  • Custom UI's that will work on EZ: eqinterface.com.. This SARS version will work with RoF2, and this UI by Reddwarf will, too. You can also find a very good modified version of Red's UI, made by Dimurwar, here.
  • Boxing software: MQ2 is specifically allowed here, and most the resources on the forums and wiki are in that direction. Go to mqemulator and download classic for RoF2, not just RoF. Or Classic for Underfoot if you're playing retro :P
  • Maps: Go to www.mapfiend.net for map packs for EQ. You might also want to go to EZMapstuff. This has map pack adds that will make your life easier on EZ....including the illsalin trigger locations, a nicer ToFS map and .cfg files.The map files you drop into your map folder in your EQ Client. The .cfg files you drop in your MQ2 folder (NOT the EQ folder), and  they will automatically /maphide npc and /mapshow select NPC's in illsalin, loping plains, jaggedpine and Traks Teeth....the fhalls and illsalina.cfg files dropped into your MQ2 folder will make all logged in characters, ANY time they enter the caster or fighters guild hall, sit and memorize the spell list "main". If you change the name of your saved spell set to "main" they will do this every time you enter those zones. Dont drop them into the MQ2 folder if you don't want your characters to memorize their spells automatically any time they die.
  • Also, you can find a list of slot names for /itemnotify commands EQSlots. You can also with the RoF2 client, in game, type /useitem and get this list, and info on setting up macros to use an item from a specific bag slot. Comes in handy!