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		tar_vector *= (dur / 100.0f);

#ifdef BOTS
		// Work-around for bot movement issue (experienced during non-pathing, engaged pursuit.)
		// The problem is that something in the calculations causes 'tar_vector' to become '0'
		// ..essentially eliminating any vector delta and causing the 'new' position to become
		// ..the 'current' one. Magnitude and target movement seem to be the largest factors.
		// This addresses the end result of the issue and the cause still needs to be identified.
		// When applied to non-bots, it appears to introduce additional movement issues.
		if (IsBot() && tar_vector < 0.01f && !(RuleB(Bots, UsePathing) && zone->pathing))
			tar_vector = 0.01f; // 1% minimum vector delta

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