#! /usr/bin/perl
#use strict;
#use warnings;
use DBI;
use Getopt::Std;
#get config info from eqemu_config.xml to connect to the db & point to spells_us.txt
my $conf = "eqemu_config.xml"; #default
my $table = "spells_new"; #default
my $id = "id"; #default
my $spellf = "spells_us.txt"; #default
if ($opt_h) { #help (-h)
        printf "\nUsage: import_spells.pl [-c path] [-t table] [-i column] [-s path] [-o]\n";
        printf "  -c path       path/to/eqemu_config.xml. defaults to $conf\n";
        printf "  -t table      table to load the spells from. defaults to $table\n";
        printf "  -i column     name of the column in the database table to order by. defaults to $id\n";
        printf "  -s path       path/to/export/spells_us.txt. defaults to $spellf\n";
        printf "  -o            overwrite $spellf if it exists\n";
        printf "\n";
if ($opt_c) {$conf = $opt_c;} #use config file from -c, if defined
if ($opt_t) {$table = $opt_t;} #use db table -t, if defined
if ($opt_i) {$id = $opt_i;} #use column name -i, if defined
if ($opt_s) {$spellf = $opt_s;} #use spells file from -s, if defined
my $db = "eq";
my $user = "eq";
my $pass = "eq";
my $host = "localhost";
open(F, "<$conf") or die "Unable to open config: $conf\n";
my $indb = 0;
while(<F>) {
        if(/<database>/i) {
                $indb = 1;
        next unless($indb == 1);
        if(/<\/database>/i) {
                $indb = 0;
        if(/<host>(.*)<\/host>/i) {
                $host = $1;
        } elsif(/<username>(.*)<\/username>/i) {
                $user = $1;
        } elsif(/<password>(.*)<\/password>/i) {
                $pass = $1;
        } elsif(/<db>(.*)<\/db>/i) {
                $db = $1;
if(!$db || !$user || !$pass || !$host) {
        die "Invalid database info, missing one of: host, user, password, database\n";
#connect to the db before we waste time loading the spells file
my $source = "DBI:mysql:database=$db;host=$host";
my $dbh = DBI->connect($source, $user, $pass) || die "Could not create db handle\n";
if ((-e $spellf) && !$opt_o) {  #spell file already exists & we don't want to overwrite
        die "'$spellf' already exists; Use -o if you want to overwrite\n";
#open spell file
open(SPELLS, ">$spellf") or die "Unable to open spell file for export: $spellf\n";
#parse through spells & write to spells_us.txt
my $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM $table ORDER BY $id ASC");
$sth->execute(); #run the query on the db
my($numspells, $loadedspells, $highid); #define some variables, cause we're cool like that
while (my $val = $sth->fetch()) {
        printf("Exporting \"%s\" (%d)                            \r", @$val[1], @$val[0]); # name (id)
        my $line = join("^", @$val) . "\n"; #convert to delimited string, with a newline at the end
        print SPELLS $line; #write to the file
        $highid = @$val[0]; #set to current id
close (SPELLS); #since we're done with it...
#summary of results
print "Spells Exported: $numspells                            \n";
print "Highest ID: $highid\n\n";

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