There are some differences with each 'activated defense' skill:
Shield Block and Staff Block function differently. [Rolls 1-100 against your Base1 chance.]
Dodge is similar but uses hAgi.
Doesn't have archery/throwing exclusion that parry does.
Monks are excluded from the 'if my back is to my attacker then this activated ability fails' check.
Block is similar, also uses hDex.
Doesn't have archery/throwing exclusion that parry does.
Divisor is 25 not 45.
If your back is to your attacker then it rolls an additional 1-100 roll against the Base1 of your 'chance to block behind me' SPA.
Riposte is similar, uses hDex.
Must have weapon or fists.
Doesn't work on archery/throwing.
The divisor is 50 not 45.
Special cases for 'can't be riposted for my secondary attacks' SPA.
Special cases for 'attacker has any riposte chance' SPA.
Special cases for double riposte.
Special cases for NPC enrage.

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