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158,10 Dose Anger Of Incapacitation
159,10 Dose Bite Of The Shissar
160,10 Dose Bixie Sting
161,10 Dose Confusing Whisper
162,10 Dose Crushed Vein
163,10 Dose Dreams Of Drusella
164,10 Dose Mangled Tendon
165,10 Dose Mayong's Bane
166,10 Dose Mental Implosion
167,10 Dose Minor Irritation
168,10 Dose Oozing Irritation
169,10 Dose Rage Of Incapacitation
170,10 Dose Scoriae Bite
171,10 Dose Scratching Madness
172,10 Dose Spine Bruiser
173,10 Dose Spine Rend
174,10 Dose Sting Of The Shissar
175,10 Dose Wasted Flesh
176,10 Dose Withering Flesh
177,10 Dose Zombie Bane
178,5 Dose Bite Of The Shissar
179,5 Dose Bixie Sting
180,5 Dose Confusing Whisper
181,5 Dose Crushed Vein
182,5 Dose Dreams Of Drusella
183,5 Dose Mangled Tendon
184,5 Dose Mayong's Bane
185,5 Dose Mental Burn
186,5 Dose Mental Implosion
187,5 Dose Minor Irritation
188,5 Dose Oozing Irritation
189,5 Dose Rage Of Incapacitation
190,5 Dose Scoriae Bite
191,5 Dose Scratching Madness
192,5 Dose Spine Bruiser
193,5 Dose Spine Rend
194,5 Dose Sting Of The Shissar
195,5 Dose Wasted Flesh
196,5 Dose Withering Flesh
197,5 Dose Zombie Bane
9631,A Box Of Bones
9632,A Bundle Of Staves
9633,A Coppernickel Key
9634,Crate Of Tonic
9635,A Filled Ornate Skull Case
9636,A Gem Encrusted Casket
9637,A Gem-inlaid Spear
9638,A Keg Of Brells Blessed Stout
9639,A Pebble Filled Box
9640,A Protected Tome
9641,A Sack For Mizzle
9642,A Sack For Modani
9643,A Sack For Nadia
9644,A Sack For Polzin
9645,A Screaming Sphere
9646,A Wind Etched Key
9647,An Assembled Pearlescent Shard
9648,Ancient Coins Tin Box
9649,Arantir's Bracelet Of Discovery
9650,Arantir's Circlet Of Discovery
9651,Arantir's Gloves Of Discovery
9652,Arantir's Leggings Of Discovery
9653,Arantir's Robe Of Discovery
9654,Arantir's Sandals Of Discovery
9655,Arantir's Sleeves Of Discovery
9656,Armguards Of Enlightenment
9657,Armplates Of Emblazoned Souls
9658,Askr's Sealed Bag of Verity
9659,Askr's Thunderous Armplates
9660,Askr's Thunderous Boots
9661,Askr's Thunderous Bracer
9662,Askr's Thunderous Chainmail
9663,Askr's Thunderous Gauntlets
9664,Askr's Thunderous Greaves
9665,Askr's Thunderous Helm
9666,Bag For Elam
9667,Bag Of Bolts
9668,Bag Of Cutthroat Rings
9669,Bag Of Feathers
9670,Bag Of Ice Necklaces
9671,Bag Of Image Essence Dust
9672,Bag Of Owlbear Guts
9673,Bag Of Piranha Teeth
9674,Bag Of Seeds
9675,Bag Of Shark Remains
9676,Bag Of Snake Parts
9677,Bag Of Sulfur
9678,Bag Of Zombie Flesh
9679,Bar Of Ronium
9680,Barbed Scaled Whip
9681,Bidilis' Boots Of The Elusive
9682,Bidilis' Bracer Of The Elusive
9683,Bidilis' Gauntlet Of The Elusive
9684,Bidilis' Greaves Of The Elusive
9685,Bidilis' Hauberk Of The Elusive
9686,Bidilis' Helm Of The Elusive
9687,Bidilis' Sleeves Of The Elusive
9688,Blackburrow Swig
9689,Blade Of Tactics And Strategy
9690,Bladesoul's Spiritual Pouch
9691,Bloodling Shield
9692,Bloody Cloth Bag
9693,Boots Of Emblazoned Souls
9694,Boots Of The Khati Sha
9695,Boots Of Vengeful Fury
9696,Bound Research Notes
9697,Box Full Of Tiny Bones
9698,Box Of Beetle Eyes
9699,Box Of Phara Dar
9700,Box Of Remains
9701,Box Of Scorpion Legs
9702,Box Of Shadow Disks
9703,Bracer Of Emblazoned Souls
9704,Bracer Of Enlightenment
9705,Bracer Of The Khati Sha
9706,Breastplate Of Emblazoned Souls
9707,Breastplate Of Vengeful Fury
9708,Bundle Of Poisons
9709,Case Of Guard Uniforms
9710,Case Of Spirits
9711,Case Of Tunarean Crests
9712,Cask Of Sweetwater
9713,Chest Of Luggald Samples
9714,Chestwraps Of Enlightenment
9715,Cipher Of Veeshan
9716,Cipher Of Veeshan
9717,Coin Of Tash
9718,Coldain Standard Issue Kit
9719,Collection Of Gems
9720,Collection Of Idols
9721,Collection Of Instruments
9722,Collection Of Plants
9723,Collection Of Taxidermy
9724,Complete Bug Collection
9725,Complete Dragon Tome
9726,Completed Cartography Binder
9727,Completed Report
9728,Composers Boots
9729,Composers Bracer
9730,Composers Chestplate
9731,Composers Gauntlets
9732,Composers Greaves
9733,Composers Helmet
9734,Composers Vambraces
9735,Crate Of Tea
9736,Crusader's Coffin
9738,Cutlassfish Oil
9739,Drix's Satchel
9740,Dumul's Boots Of The Brute
9741,Dumul's Bracer Of The Brute
9742,Dumul's Cap Of The Brute
9743,Dumul's Chestwraps Of The Brute
9744,Dumul's Gloves Of The Brute
9745,Dumul's Leggings Of The Brute
9746,Dumul's Sleeves Of The Brute
9747,Elemental Bracelet Of The Prime
9748,Elemental Cap Of The Prime
9749,Elemental Gloves Of The Prime
9750,Elemental Leggings Of The Prime
9751,Elemental Shroud Of The Prime
9752,Elemental Sleeves Of The Prime
9753,Elemental Slippers Of The Prime
9754,Embroidered Bag Of Bone Necklaces
9755,Embroidered Bag Of Bronze Symbols
9756,Enchanted Ring Of Torden
9758,Esoteric Meld
9759,Esoteric Meld
9760,Esoteric Meld
9761,Filled Penance Bag
9763,Food Satchel
9764,Full Arena Sack
9765,Full Bag Of Pearls
9766,Full C.o.b.b. Chest
9767,Full C.o.r.n. Chest
9768,Full Charred Bone Box
9769,Full Component Chest
9770,Full Component Mortar
9771,Full Component Sack
9772,Full Crate Of Fusible Ore
9773,Full Curskin Bag
9774,Full Fertilizer Bag
9775,Full First Rite Pack
9776,Full Footman's Pack
9777,Full Gathering Satchel
9778,Full Gem Bag
9779,Full Grocery Bag
9780,Full Honeycomb Jar
9781,Full Hopperhide Sack
9782,Full Hoshkar's Bag Of Holding
9783,Full Krup Shield Pack
9784,Full Kwinn Pack
9785,Full Mesh Bag
9786,Full Pack Of Sarnak Heads
9787,Full Paladin Headhunting Satchel
9788,Full Partisan Pack
9789,Full Pincer Satchel
9790,Full Pouch Of Leech Husks
9791,Full Sack For Master
9792,Full Sarnak Legionnaire Pack
9793,Full Satchel
9794,Full Sonic Receptacle
9795,Full Spiritual Tome
9796,Full Trick-or-treat Bag
9797,Full Warlord Warbead Pack
9798,Galladan's Stormwrath Boots
9799,Galladan's Stormwrath Bracer
9800,Galladan's Stormwrath Coif
9801,Galladan's Stormwrath Gloves
9802,Galladan's Stormwrath Leggings
9803,Galladan's Stormwrath Sleeves
9804,Galladan's Stormwrath Tunic
9805,Gauntlets Of Emblazoned Souls
9806,Gauntlets Of Enlightenment
9807,Gauntlets Of Vengeful Fury
9808,Gem Of Reflection
9810,Gloves Of The Khati Sha
9811,Grandmaster's Box
9812,Greaves Of Emblazoned Souls
9813,Greaves Of Vengeful Fury
9815,Greenmist Khukri Blade
9816,Grimror's Boots Of The Plagues
9817,Grimror's Bracer Of The Plagues
9818,Grimror's Gauntlets Of The Plagues
9819,Grimror's Greaves Of The Plagues	
9820,Grimror's Guard Of The Plagues
9821,Grimror's Helm Of The Plagues
9822,Grimror's Sleeves Of The Plagues
9823,Hand Of Glory
9824,Headdress Of The Khati Sha
9825,Heart Of The Innocent
9826,Helm Of Emblazoned Souls
9827,Helm Of Enlightenment
9828,Helm Of Vengeful Fury
9829,Iksar Left Hand
9830,Illegible Message
9831,Imbued Hopperhide Buckler
9832,Ixpacan's Tome
9833,Jagged Blade Of War
9834,Jagged Blade Of War
9835,Jar Of Fungus
9836,Jaylia's Boots Of The Valiant
9837,Jaylia's Helm Of The Valiant
9838,Jaylia's Legplates Of The Valiant
9839,Jaylia's Valiant Bracer
9840,Jaylia's Valiant Chestplate
9841,Jaylia's Valiant Gauntlets
9842,Jaylia's Valiant Vambraces
9843,Jeweled Skull
9844,Jymall's Boots Of Frenzy
9845,Jymall's Coif Of Frenzy
9846,Jymall's Gloves Of Frenzy
9847,Jymall's Leggings Of Frenzy
9848,Jymall's Sleeves Of Frenzy
9849,Jymall's Tunic Of Frenzy
9850,Jymall's Wristguard Of Frenzy
9851,Kerasha's Sylvan Boots
9852,Kerasha's Sylvan Bracer
9853,Kerasha's Sylvan Cap
9854,Kerasha's Sylvan Gloves
9855,Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings
9856,Kerasha's Sylvan Sleeves
9857,Kerasha's Sylvan Tunic
9858,Kizrak's Armband Of Battle
9859,Kizrak's Boots Of Battle
9860,Kizrak's Bracer Of Battle
9861,Kizrak's Chestplate Of Battle
9862,Kizrak's Gauntlets Of Battle
9863,Kizrak's Greaves Of Battle
9864,Kizrak's Helmet Of Battle
9865,Kobold History Collection
9866,Large Shipment Of High Quality Ore
9867,Larsaki's Box Of Raw Materials
9868,Lcea's Jewel Box
9869,Leggings Of Enlightenment
9870,Leggings Of The Khati Sha
9871,Lendiniara's Trinket
9872,Lienni's Box Of Raw Materials
9873,Loaded Sample Chest
9874,Locked Parts Box
9875,Long Iron Rod
9876,Maelin's Bracelet Of Lore
9877,Maelin's Gloves Of Lore
9878,Maelin's Leggings Of Lore
9879,Maelin's Robe Of Lore
9880,Maelin's Shoes Of Lore
9881,Maelin's Skullcap Of Lore
9882,Maelin's Sleeves Of Lore
9883,Magically Locked Poem
9884,Magically Locked Tome
9885,Magi`kot's Bangle Of Convergence
9886,Magi`kot's Gloves Of Convergence
9887,Magi`kot's Pants Of Convergence
9888,Magi`kot's Robe Of Convergence
9889,Magi`kot's Shoes Of Convergence
9890,Magi`kot's Sleeves Of Convergence
9891,Magi`kot's Tiara Of Convergence
9892,Master Sketch
9893,Merchants Crate Of Supplies
9894,Militia Box Of Seals
9895,Miragul's Bracelet Of Risen Souls
9896,Miragul's Crown Of Risen Souls
9897,Miragul's Gloves Of Risen Souls
9898,Miragul's Greaves Of Risen Souls
9899,Miragul's Shoes Of Risen Souls
9900,Miragul's Shroud Of Risen Souls
9901,Miragul's Sleeves Of Risen Souls
9902,Nexona's Poison Vial
9903,Orb Of The Gale
9904,Pack Of Meat
9905,Pack Of Skulls
9906,Peacekeeper Staff
9907,Phobonomicon Of Thul Tae Ew
9909,Pieces Of The Iceclad Map
9910,Planestriders Boots
9911,Planestriders Gauntlets
9912,Planestriders Greaves
9913,Planestriders Hauberk
9914,Planestriders Helm
9915,Planestriders Vambraces
9916,Planestriders Wristguard
9917,Pouch Of Dark Ice
9918,Pouch Of Gravel Tea Leaves
9919,Pouch Of Nuggets
9920,Pouch Of Pixie Dust
9921,Power Of The Planes
9922,Preserved Kromrif Heads
9923,Quiver Of Kithicor - Full
9924,Raex's Armplates Of Destruction
9925,Raex's Boots Of Destruction
9926,Raex's Bracer Of Destruction
9927,Raex's Chestplate Of Destruction
9928,Raex's Gauntlets Of Destruction
9929,Raex's Greaves Of Destruction
9930,Raex's Helm Of Destruction
9931,Rarundel's Closed Memory Box
9932,Resealed Runed Iron Bound Chest
9933,Ring Of The Shissar
9934,Rizlona's Fiery Boots
9935,Rizlona's Fiery Bracer
9936,Rizlona's Fiery Chestplate
9937,Rizlona's Fiery Gauntlets
9938,Rizlona's Fiery Greaves
9939,Rizlona's Fiery Helm
9940,Rizlona's Fiery Vambraces
9941,Romar's Bracer Of Visions
9942,Romar's Circlet Of Visions
9943,Romar's Gloves Of Visions
9944,Romar's Pantaloons Of Visions
9945,Romar's Robe Of Visions
9946,Romar's Sleeves Of Visions
9947,Romar's Slippers Of Visions
9948,Rosrak's Boots Of The Primal
9949,Rosrak's Bracer Of The Primal
9950,Rosrak's Gauntlets Of The Primal
9951,Rosrak's Greaves Of The Primal
9952,Rosrak's Hauberk Of The Primal
9953,Rosrak's Helm Of The Primal
9954,Rosrak's Sleeves Of The Primal
9955,Rusted Blackbox
9956,Rytan's Sealed Bag
9957,Sack Of Broken Glass
9958,Sack Of Owlbear Meat
9959,Sack Of Paws
9960,Satchel Of Cazic-thule
9961,Satchel Of Heretic Heads
9962,Satchel Of Heretic Heads
9963,Satchel Of Heretic Heads
9964,Satchel Of Heretic Heads
9965,Satchel Of Heretic Heads
9966,Scaled Avatar's Boots
9967,Scaled Avatar's Bracer
9968,Scaled Avatar's Gloves
9969,Scaled Avatar's Hauberk
9970,Scaled Avatar's Helm
9971,Scaled Avatar's Leggings
9972,Scaled Avatar's Sleeves
9973,Sceptre Of Emperor Vekin
9974,Sealed Box
9975,Sealed Box Of Totems
9976,Sealed Collection Box
9977,Sealed Crate
9978,Sealed Gilded Wooden Chest
9979,Sealed Intricately Carved Box
9980,Sealed Lined Case
9981,Sealed Ore Samples
9982,Sealed Ore Satchel
9983,Sealed Parts Box
9984,Sealed Reagent Box
9985,Sealed Runed Iron Bound Chest
9986,Shadowscream Boot Case
9987,Shard Filled Staff
9988,Silken Augmenter's Bracelet
9989,Silken Augmenter's Cap
9990,Silken Augmenter's Gloves
9991,Silken Augmenter's Pantaloons
9992,Silken Augmenter's Robe
9993,Silken Augmenter's Shoes
9994,Silken Augmenter's Sleeves
9995,Silverwing's Lexicon
9996,Skin Of Akheva Blood
9997,Sleeves Of The Khati Sha
9998,Slippers Of Enlightenment
9999,Small Sealed Bag
10000,Small Shipment Of High Quality Ore
10001,Staff Of The Wheel
10002,Stanos' Wicked Boots
10003,Stanos' Wicked Bracer
10004,Stanos' Wicked Breastplate
10005,Stanos' Wicked Gauntlets
10006,Stanos' Wicked Helmet
10007,Stanos' Wicked Leggings
10008,Stanos' Wicked Sleeves
10009,Stupendous Tome
10010,Swirling Vial
10011,Symbol Of Torden
10012,Teachings Of Relinar
10013,Testament Of Vanear
10014,The Scepter Of Shadows
10015,The Visceral Dagger
10016,Thex Mallet
10017,Tome Of Dark Power
10018,Ton Po's Chestwraps Of Composure
10019,Ton Po's Gloves Of Composure
10020,Ton Po's Helm Of Composure
10021,Ton Po's Leggings Of Composure
10022,Ton Po's Sandals Of Composure
10023,Ton Po's Sleeves Of Composure
10024,Ton Po's Wristwraps Of Composure
10025,Trydan's Armplates Of Nobility
10026,Trydan's Boots Of Nobility
10027,Trydan's Bracer Of Nobility
10028,Trydan's Chestplate Of Nobility
10029,Trydan's Gauntlets Of Nobility
10030,Trydan's Greaves Of Nobility
10031,Trydan's Helm Of Nobility
10032,Tunic Of The Khati Sha
10033,Ultor's Boots Of Faith
10034,Ultor's Bracer Of Faith
10035,Ultor's Chestguard Of Faith
10036,Ultor's Gauntlets Of Faith
10037,Ultor's Greaves Of Faith
10038,Ultor's Helm Of Faith
10039,Ultor's Vambraces Of Faith
10040,Unadorned Scepter Of Shadows
10041,Vambraces Of Vengeful Fury
10042,Very Slimy Bag
10043,Vial Of Magical Blade Restorative
10044,Vial Of Velium Vapors
10045,Vorshar's Circlet Of The Blight
10046,Vorshar's Gloves Of The Blight
10047,Vorshar's Manacle Of The Blight
10048,Vorshar's Pants Of The Blight
10049,Vorshar's Robe Of The Blight
10050,Vorshar's Sleeves Of The Blight
10051,Vorshar's Slippers Of The Blight
10052,Wanderer's Sylvan Boots
10053,Wanderer's Sylvan Bracer
10054,Wanderer's Sylvan Cap
10055,Wanderer's Sylvan Gloves
10056,Wanderer's Sylvan Leggings
10057,Wanderer's Sylvan Sleeves
10058,Wanderer's Sylvan Tunic
10059,Warded Luggald Samples
10060,Wristplates Of Vengeful Fury
10061,Zordak Ragefire's Heart
10062,Basic Survival Pack
10065,Bag Of Troll Pirate Heads
10067,Box Of The Guilty
10070,Bubbling Concoction
10082,10 Dose Paralyzing Neurotoxin
10083,5 Dose Paralyzing Neurotoxin
10084,Summoned: 10 Dose Scoriae Bite
10085,Sack Of Piranha
10086,Sack Of Sharkskins
10125,Jar Of Tonic
10127,Sealed Summary Scroll
10128,Box Of Cat Bones
10144,Thick Adhesive
10145,Grey Scales
10147,Sealed Cask
10231,Satchel Of Luggald Samples
10232,Fecund Luggald Samples
10233,Bag Of Tails
10234,Box For Kery
10235,Small Bag Of Teeth
10237,Sonic Wolf Bane Claw
10263,Paw Of Opolla
10264,Bag Of Wolf Paws
10266,Sonic Wolf Bane Spear
10269,Sonic Wolf Bane Dagger
10276,Box Of War Trophies
10277,Box Of War Trophies
10278,Box Of War Trophies
10279,Box Of War Trophies
10280,Box Of War Trophies
10281,Sealed Field Pack
10282,Sealed Field Pack
10283,Sealed Field Pack
10284,Sealed Field Pack
10285,Sealed Field Pack
10286,Silver Blade Of Thunder
10296,Sack Of Silvery Keys
10302,Blood-soaked Satchel
10303,Blood-soaked Satchel
10304,Blood-soaked Satchel
10305,Blood-soaked Satchel
10306,Heavy Satchel
10307,Heavy Satchel
10308,Blood-soaked Satchel
10309,Blood-soaked Satchel
10310,Blood-soaked Satchel
10313,Blood-soaked Satchel
10339,Repaired Clockwork Output Gearbox
10340,Clockwork Scout Shell
10344,Clockwork Scout Module
10345,Fully Charged Power Pack
10349,Translated Glyph Of The Damned
10353,Tublik's Sealed Bag
10354,Taromani Signets
10874,Black Dye
10875,Blue Dye
10876,Brown Rust Dye
10877,Dark Blue Dye
10878,Dark Green Dye
10879,Dark Red Dye
10880,Dark Yellow Dye
10881,Green Dye
10882,Grey Dye
10883,Light Blue Dye
10884,Light Green Dye
10885,Light Grey Dye
10886,Light Red Dye
10887,Light Yellow Dye
10888,Red Dye
10889,Red Rust Dye
10890,Yellow Dye
10891,Solid Glyphed Essence
10897,Fused Trusik Signet
10913,Collection Of Rocks
10914,An Aneuk Sample
10915,An Ikkav Sample
10916,An Ixt Sample
10917,A Kyv Sample
10918,A Mastruq Sample
10919,A Noc Sample
10920,A Ra`tuk Sample
10922,Zun'muram Sample
10923,Tunat'muram Sample
10956,Ukun Sample
12810,Pouch Of Ethereal Essence
12811,Full Muffin Crate
12812,Box With Two Heads
12988,Completed Specimen Kit
12989,Silver Wrapped Book
12990,Gold Wrapped Book
12991,Black Wrapped Item
12992,Cloak Of Truth
12993,Fish Food
12999,Tempest Guard's Stone
13000,Chalice of Conquest
13001,Sealed Wolf Fang Pouch
13002,Sealed Bear Fang Pouch
13003,Sealed Panther Fang Pouch
13004,Eye of Stormhammer
13005,Lizardman Samples
13006,Chest of Faith
13007,Beetle Eye Chest
13008,Full Tax Collection Box
13372,Brehad Figure Set

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