void Client::ExpeditionAddPlayer(Client* invitee) {
	invitee->Message(15, "/dzadd sent to you by %s", this->GetName());
	EQApplicationPacket* outapp = new EQApplicationPacket(OP_DzJoinExpeditionConfirm, sizeof(ExpeditionJoinPrompt_Struct));
	ExpeditionJoinPrompt_Struct *jec = (ExpeditionJoinPrompt_Struct*)outapp->pBuffer;
	//does not seem to matter use dboth invitee and this
	jec->clientid = invitee->GetID();
	//shows up as expedition name in the invite pop up
	strcpy(jec->expedition_name,"GetName from SQL by ID");
	//shows up as the person inviteing you to the expedition
	strcpy(jec->player_name, this->GetName());
	// not seen yet
	jec->unknown004 = 456;

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