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Sub PrintMobs
  /declare MobID[5000] int outer
  /declare j int outer
  /declare myMob int outer
  /declare MinimumHealth int outer 101
  /declare NumMobs int outer 1
  /declare MobAdded int outer 0
  /declare MobRadius int outer 5000
  /declare mobid int outer
    /delay 1
    /if (${NearestSpawn[1,NPC zradius 1000].Distance}>${MobRadius} && ${NumMobs}>1) {
      /bc Reseting NumMobs = 1
      /varset NumMobs 1
   /if (${NearestSpawn[1,NPC zradius 1000].Distance}>${MobRadius}) /goto :loop
   /for myMob 1 to ${SpawnCount[NPC radius ${MobRadius} zradius 1000]}
    /varset MobAdded 0  
    /for j 1 to ${NumMobs}
      /if (${MobID[${j}]}==${NearestSpawn[${myMob},NPC zradius 1000 radius ${MobRadius}].ID}) /varset MobAdded 1
    /next j
    /if (!${MobAdded}) {
		/varset mobid ${NearestSpawn[${myMob},NPC zradius 1000 radius ${MobRadius}].ID}
		/echo mob is= ${mobid} , ${Spawn[${mobid}].Name}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Name ${Spawn[${mobid}].Name}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" IsMoving ${Spawn[${mobid}].Moving}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" X ${Spawn[${mobid}].X}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Y ${Spawn[${mobid}].Y}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Z ${Spawn[${mobid}].Z}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Heading.Degrees ${Spawn[${mobid}].Heading.Degrees}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Heading.DegreesCCW ${Spawn[${mobid}].Heading.DegreesCCW}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Race ${Spawn[${mobid}].Race.ID}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Class ${Spawn[${mobid}].Class.ID}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Height ${Spawn[${mobid}].Height}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Gender ${Spawn[${mobid}].Gender}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Level ${Spawn[${mobid}].Level}
		/ini ${ReportFile} "Spawn ${Spawn[${mobid}].ID}" Holding ${Spawn[${mobid}].Holding}
  /next myMob

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